Hello, Kevin Sullivan here.picture, Kevin T. Sullivan

Short Bio:

  • From: Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  • Education: Law, J.D., 1991, KU; Economics & Public Affairs, B.S., 1986, ESU
  • Based: Hiratsuka, Japan since 1992
  • Work:  I.T. Field Engineer, Cisco TelePresence video conferencing systems
  • Motto: Ad Astra Per Aspera – “to the stars, through difficulty”

Natural curiosity with enthusiasm and persistence has so far kept me moving -slowly- upward. Progress!

After law school I came to Japan to assist the new Sister City progam and the Hiratsuka International Exchange Association. Great city, great people to work with.

Over the years in Japan I taught English and started several small businesses, then switched gears from fully self-employed to traveling sub-contracting Field Engineer work.

My work in IT takes me throughout South East Asia and the US servicing Cisco customers corporate internet video conferencing systems. Somebody needs to install the equipment and plug in those wires before their plan for world domination can get underway.

Other Interests:

  • Occasional A-Class billiards – 3Cushion, 1-pocket, 8/9-ball, Rotation, 14-1, snooker, … Cue sports – It`s a  challenge to execute the perfect plan
  • Autos – maintain, improve, waste $$$, driving fun
  • Reading – libraries, books, the internet, oh my
  • Computers – PC/Mac/linux – masochisticly self-hosting these sites…
  • Climbing & hiking & bicycles – way higher on my list is web surfing for potentially interesting subjects, but sometimes I get motivated
  • DIY projects – making my world a better place, one storage shelf at a time

“Too soon old, too late smart…”

  • Time is the critical factor – your dreams never die
  • We have limited days – perhaps only 27,000… (75×365=)
  • Life is good but time is short, so get moving, Kevin!